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Developing the right strategy is essential to targeting a culture of equity, diversity, and sustainable inclusion. Studies prove that companies with a people-centered organizational culture outperform their competitors.

Organizations guided by human diversity attract and retain engaged people, willing to innovate and build increasingly possible futures. Based on the recognition of the value present in human capital, the most valuable capital of a company, the processes, practices, strategies, and actions connect the business to the social in an organic and fluid manner.

Areas of Concentration

  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance in D, E & R 
  • Development of manuals, primers, policies and specific materials
  • Diversity and Culture Demographics Census
  • Psychological Safety Level
  • Maturity Measurement


"The Census conducted by B4People was extremely important for us to identify points to improve as an organization, set new goals with a focus on the DEI theme, as well as get to know the profile of the people at Werfen better"
Livia Pereira
DEI Leader at Werfen

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