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Regardless of the format - face-to-face, online or hybrid - the sensitizations are unique moments. With enormous power to transmit knowledge, B4People's sensitizations and lectures talk about important themes with doses of humor, affection, depth, and lightness.

With customized and co-constructed solutions based on the understanding of the organization's scenario, its current challenges, and the public profile, the sensitizations are very important to expand our self-perception and that of our surroundings, which gives us autonomy to make changes and broaden perspectives.

Areas of Concentration

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"B4Peolple brings as a differential an important business perspective in the discussion of diversity, equity and inclusion and in the whole ESG context, besides working with project management premises, which are essential for structural actions. Not to mention Ana's approach, which is sensational. These differentials are important to facilitate and also make tangible the ways in which companies can act on the topic."
George Xavier
DEI Leader at Pinheiro Neto Advogados

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